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v 4.0

V 4.0 of GurkoZ Productions website slowly turned into what your looking at today, the GurkoZ Productions website network. It all started out really sketchy and free as you can see in the screenshots below to then be formed into a theme that would follow through all sites of GPN. Initially, a single design was created but quickly a separate design for each section was introduced. This turned out to be more work than planned and this took a few months to finish.

With the design and layout ready, the work on the basic setup and functions started. At the time, GurkoZ had just started to explore the aspects of ASP driven pages, but this would turn out to be the new perfect way of creating the upcomming site. With the use of databases the site really took off. This time GurkoZ could define all functions of a image archive, create custom made polls, guestbooks with all features he ever wanted and so on and so on.

The site was created in a newly developed tool called GurkoZ Productions Site Bringer. A Site / Content management system where all features needed to edit the site was incorporated.

Here are various screens during then creation process. Starting out with a few different designs to then evolve into the one we use today.

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