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This was the new look of GurkoZ Productions. Here GurkoZ set the logo and palette that we still use to this day. The site featured information about both GurkoZ himself and the company. A small version of the Creation achive was introduced containing a few sketches and drawings. The menu was the result of hours and hours of Photoshop editing with numerous filter settings and guideline frenzy. Also, here GurkoZ designed a creature to be associated with the company that was to be known as Gnuk. A small green frog like dude with a big smile and glowing yellow eyes.

Note the text in the logo saying "Creative Minds". It was the first attempt to set some kind of guideline for the company. It was later dropped due to the fact that there where allready about 5000 companies using it.


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Site Closed
Due to recent lack of time and the fact that I needed to get a perspective on where I was going I have decided to close this site down. The initial plan to simultaneously manage four sites proved in t...
Shifting focus
Back to drawing
After some time working with Graphical Sensations I will now again shift focus from web design to drawing. Quite some time and effort was put into upgrading the GSENS site so now it's time to get back...

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