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Site Closed
Due to recent lack of time and the fact that I needed to get a perspective on where I was going I have decided to close this site down. The initial plan to simultaneously manage four sites proved in t...
New browse feature in the Creation Archive
Just updated the Creation Archive with a new browse feature that hopefully will make it easier for you people to get about ;o) The previous select menu had some different problems in various browsers....

GurkoZ Productions Creations is a direct result of years and years of hard work in a struggle to define and push the limits of a creative mind. In the Creation Archive you will find a collection of some of my past work.

Welcome to the creative section of GurkoZ Productions. Here you will find a collection of some of the best material spawned from GurkoZ Productions in the past and future to come. It's devotion is primarily tilted towards the Archive containing all that material produced, but also you will be able to get an inside view of the way I work.
Visit the Creative Archive

During my everyday work cycle I will share my ongoing projects, thoughts and ideas. You will be able to read and hopefully learn different ways of creating and editing computer graphics in new and exciting ways. As time goes by I plan to add additional articles to expand both the site context and my own view on creations in general.

This is in no way a guide to the most perfect and accurate way to go by creating graphics or websites. It's meant to reflect the way I personally feel about the process at present time.

If you have any remarks or suggestions to the creative process seen on this site, please let me know.

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