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GurkoZ Productions provide solutions for clients looking for creativity oriented requests. Ranging all from website layout and logotype design to complex content management solutions. Long term experience in both web and graphic related productions as well as a full time committed creativity ensures you a product that is up to date and pushes the creative envelope.
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The company is built upon an early dream of sharing and exploring the ideas regarding creative expressions in a modern era. The driving force is the eager to create and uphold a sense of quality and design. No project goes by without getting a special touch and feel to it.
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The man behind and infront of all this is GurkoZ. Packing experience in the web and graphical industry. Fully devoted to enhancing his skills and knowledge of making people react and take notice of his work. His attention to detail and persistence is what makes up the foundation of GurkoZ Productions.
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Site Closed
Due to recent lack of time and the fact that I needed to get a perspective on where I was going I have decided to close this site down. The initial plan to simultaneously manage four sites proved in t...

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