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Site Dedication

I would like to start off with dedicating this site to the love of my life. A girl that always keeps my mood up and smile going. A girl who stands by me in every decision and every challenge. A girl who put up with me during all these late nights editing and creating this site. A girl who day after day keeps me floating with her positive spirit. A girl who walks into a room and shines like no other. A girl that i thought i never would meet. A girl that i know i will never lose. A girl that i will spend my life with. That's the girl that i love. That's Eva.

Secondly, this site should really be a dedication to all of you that feel you too would like to create something similar for your own. That special website that you have always thought of but never dared to start developing. Almost no one want to devote this much of time creating a website, or feel that they don't have the skills or patience for it. And i would lie if i told you that creating this website was an easy task, and that i did it in one week or so. It was all hard work and i had to give up just about all my spare time to this single project. Looking back now, im really amazed that i pulled it off in the first place. But the point i would like to make is that if you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible. It will take time and hard effort, but eventually you will get there. And it will feel better that you've ever imagined.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank these people that have both contributed and helped me during the creation of this website. They are, in no particular order as follows.

For all these conversations about _everything_ regarding webdesign and ASP programming. Also all the help and little advices that helped this site become what it today really is.

For always being there to answer and react to different questions and designs. Other than this, for all the funny phonecalls that i will always remember ;o) hehe

For all the everyday bullshit talk that keept my mood up during the whole time i created all this. Your the man.

/ GurkoZ

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