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Site History

During the past years GurkoZ Productions has had e number of websites. All created by GurkoZ and they really represent his skill at the time. The good and bad with webdesign, and every other profession is that you advance your skills and abilities in every work you do. You create site after site in the search for the perfect design and layout. It's a way of growing and it's a fact to realize.

GurkoZ Productions v1.0
Here is GurkoZ very first attempt to create a website. This is where the company came to life and slowly started evolve.
GurkoZ Productions v2.0
Some time after the first release, a update was required and GurkoZ again started to define new aspects of the company and the site.
GurkoZ Productions v3.0
The third version of the site would come to be a much bigger project that the previous two. Layout and design was the biggest step forward.
GurkoZ Productions v4.0 - GPN
And here is the result of another year of creating and exploring the company profile. A new concept with multiple sites and sections.
 Latest News 
Site Closed
Due to recent lack of time and the fact that I needed to get a perspective on where I was going I have decided to close this site down. The initial plan to simultaneously manage four sites proved in t...
Shifting focus
Back to drawing
After some time working with Graphical Sensations I will now again shift focus from web design to drawing. Quite some time and effort was put into upgrading the GSENS site so now it's time to get back...

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