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Quake 3 Arena Enhancement

This enhancement will add additional depth and feeling to your Quake 3 game experience.

Looking at Quake III, we can pretty fast say that the graphics is top notch... id did a marvelous job on both the textures and skins.

On the other hand, Soundelux did a pretty well job on all the sound. But i still can't understand why the Quake series allways going to have so mediocre weapon sounds. The fire sounds on the weapons plays a big part in the experience and depth, in a game like this first person shooter. Still, it's a step up from Quake II..

Anyway, don't get me wrong here.. big cheers to is software for this well designed game and Soundelux Showorks for the sound. What i would like to accomplish with this enhancement is to fill in those missing gaps that i talked about to keep you in sync with the full game experience.


  • New beefed up weapon sounds for...

    • Chainsaw buzz for the glove, packs a real punch ;o)
    • Machinegun fire and shell ejecting
    • Doubble shotgun fire
    • Grenade launcher fire and bounce
    • Rocker launcher fire and explosion
    • Plasma gun fire and, wall hit
    • Lightning fire, idle and wall hit
    • Railgun fire and idle
    • BFG10k fire and idle

  • Additional sounds regarding

    • Various ingame triggers like pickups and respawns
    • Main menu

  • New main interface graphics.

    • Looking at the credits of Quake 3, i soon found that the interface graphics was not an id product,.. i kinda would have guessed that.. ok, it's clean, it's nice.. Raster Productions did a fine effort, but i don't think it fits the cause here. Anyway, this new interface is a bit more Quake texture style, and blends better with the overall game experience.

  • New custom Rocket launcher, Grenade and BFG10k explosions

    • This features a new frame by frame animation of a beefed up explosion. Acctually, taken directly from the StarWars Episode IV: A new hope
      motion picture. Ideally, i would have made an about 20 frame set animation but, the Shader function only supports up to 8 frames in lenght. Did some work on a second layer and blended it quite nice. It turned out pretty ok ;o)

  • Additional graphics features

    • Two new skins.

Screens from the two skins. The first, a clan skin for "Cult of the shadow", second is just a stupid thing i made, hehe myself ;o)


Due to the lack of webspace the download is currently offline. A new and updated version is in the works and will be available in a near future.

Install instructions

Unzip the content into your quake3/ directory. This will create an new directory called gpq3eh/ and your ready to go.

Start up Quake III Arena and choose "Mods" from the main menu. In the next screen you will see a list of all modifications available on your computer.
Pick "GurkoZ Productions Quake III Enhancement" and press load.


  • I've done everything right, but i can't see any "mods" menu item?
    If thats the case, then your using a version prior to 1.16. You'll need to download an update from id software. This will add the "mods" to the main menu.

  • Is it compatible with comming versions?
    Gee.. i guess so... if Id Software doesn't change a hell of a lot on the basic setup.. i guess i'll work.

  • The size of the pakfile may cause memory problems... But i don't think so,.. unless your playing with 16MB RAM. If you encounter problems, buy more memory you sneak ;o)

  • I didn't add some compression to the pak, i.e it will load faster. Used full compression on the zip file instead for faster downloading. If something like this seems like a problem, just unpack it all.


Feel free to email me about ideas, pros and cons.


Beta and Quality Assurance testers

  • Terak
    Eyh, tanx for all the feedback and long time dedication to my creations and work ;o)

  • LeaD
    Eyh mah manne, tanx for all the bugtesting and late nights talking about webdesign, graphics, beer drinking and game experiences ;o)

  • Hawk
    Tanx for da bugtesting and being a cool dude ;o)

Future Updates


Copyright and Distribution Permissions

DISCLAIMER: GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of hearing, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with this enhancement. GurkoZ Productions Quake 3 Enhancement is 100% safe and tested, so you should have no trouble with it. But if you do, don't blame me.GurkoZ Productions Quake 3 Enhancement is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as the zip and it's content is not modified. You are NOT authorized to put this product on any CD without the prior authority of GurkoZ Productions.

I am not responsible for any damage this modification might do to your hardware or software, if you play Quake you ought to be tough enough to pick up the pieces yourself and to take full responsibility for your actions. I am doing this just for kicks and to honor a great game like Quake. so please don't bitch too much. It's not like I am making $$$ out of this!

Quake 3 Arena and the Quake 3 Logotype is a registrated trademarks of Id Software, Inc.

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