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Quake 2 Enhancement

You've played Quake, then you heard about Quake II. You got it, you played it. But something sucked, what was it?. Why didn't i like the weapons, Why did they feel silly to use?... Well i'll tell you,.. It's because the majority of the weapon sounds really sucked!.

When i got the q2 test, i thought to my self, ah it's just an early test. They will fix the sound in the final. But noooo.....

So the biggest reason to make this Pack of files, would be for the weapon sounds. But at the same time, i've changed some other things too. It also features some new graphics, like a custom font, new crosshairs and a new console background. Yeah, i know, im a nit picker. But i like to edit and mess with stuff. ;o)

Now have fun, playing with this enhancement. All in 22kHz glory.



Filename Real Enhanced
dr1_end Door end Enhanced Sound.
dr1_mid Door mid Enhanced Sound.
dr1_strt Door start Enhanced Sound.
gunatck2 Silly machinegun. Cooler.
gunidle1 idle weapon look. The sound now matches the animation frames.
infatck1 Silly machinegun. Cooler.
infsght1 Infantry sight. Cooler.
m_health Sounded like a drill. DOOM kinda style health.
respawn1 Strange item respwan sound. A bit cooler.
am_pkup Ammo pickup Cooler.
ar1_pkup Armor pickup1 A more high tech feel
ar2_pkup Armor chards Cooler.
ar3_pkup Armor pickup2 Just like first one, but with more power.
fhit3 Gib sound 1 More gore.
menu1 Menu sound1 Echo rules.
menu2 Menu sound2 Echo rules.
menu3 Menu sound3 Echo rules.
pc_up Computer updated, this voice was kinda strange, didn't like it. New sound.
power1 Powersuit on Cooler.
power2 Powersuit off Cooler.
secret Puney Secret sound. Cooler.
talk Say sound. annoying Computer style "beep"
talk1 Center screen print Computer style "beep"
tele1 Teleport sound. Cooler.
udeath Gib sound 2 More gore.
pt1_end Plat end Cooler with volume+.
pt1_mid Plat mid Cooler with volume+.
pt1_strt Plat start Cooler with volume+.
u_breath1 Inhail Cooler.
u_breath2 Exhail Cooler.
solatck1 Shotgun sound, crap Keboom.
solatck2 Laser sound CRAP! Cooler.
solatck3 Machinegun sound !!!CRAP!!! ;o)
soldeth1 Soldier death 1 Better.
soldeth2 Soldier death 2 Better.
soldeth3 Soldier death 3 Better.
solsght1 Soldier sight 1 Better.
solsrch1 Soldier sight 2 Better.
rocket Rocket fire. Cooler.
step Mech step. COOLER!
tnkatck3 Laser Cooler.
tnkatk2a Silly Machinegun. Cooler.
tnkatk2b Silly Machinegun. Cooler.
tnkatk2c Silly Machinegun. Cooler.
tnkatk2d Silly Machinegun. Cooler.
tnkatk2e Silly Machinegun. Cooler.
bfg__x1b BFG explode sound, classic New with more "BOOM"
bfg_hum BFG idle Zumm....Cooler.
blastf1a Blaster sound, nah sucked. Now It's a joy to fire the blaster.
chngnd1a Chaingun stop sound. Volume +.
chngnl1a Chaingun roll sound. Volume +.
chngnu1a Chaingun start sound. Volume +.
grenlb1b Grenade bounce. sounded like an empty tin can. Classic quake sound.
grenlx1a Grenade explode sound. X2 cooler sound.
hgrena1b Hand grenade arm. Cooler.
hgrenc1b Hand grenade clock. Cooler.
hyprbf1a Hyperblaster fire. Cooler.
lashit Laser hit wall sound. Dull Cooler.
machgf1b Machinegun fire, STINKS! Kickass sound!
machgf2b Machinegun fire, STINKS! Kickass sound!
machgf3b Machinegun fire, STINKS! Kickass sound!
machgf4b Machinegun fire, STINKS! Kickass sound!
machgf5b Machinegun fire, STINKS! Kickass sound!
railgf1a Railgun fire.
rocklf1a Rocketlauncher fire. Strange Kwomp.
rocklx1a Rocket explode X2 cooler.
shotgf1b Shotgun fire. A nailgun sound from quake1 do NOT fit in here! Cooler.
battle1 Ambience battle sound. Boom + scream + gunfire.
battle2 Ambience battle sound. Boom + scream + gunfire.
battle3 Ambience battle sound. Boom + scream + gunfire.
battle4 Ambience battle sound. Boom + scream + gunfire.
battle5 Ambience battle sound. Boom + gunfire.
land Monster land. (crap) Better.
lava1 Lava sound. Hotter.
radio2 Static radio. Static radio + screams.
radio3 Static radio. Static radio + screams.


  • New Console back.
  • Custom font.
  • Fixed Reversed laser model texture.
  • New crosshairs.


Due to the lack of webspace the download is currently offline. A new and updated version is in the works and will be available in a near future.

Install instructions

Place the pak file in your quake2\baseq2\ directory.

From the release of 3.12, quake2 supports non linear pakfile names. (you don't need to have the pak files in order.) So now you can place it in any order...

"Fixed so it will check for pak0 through pak9 instead of starting at pak0 and stopping when it gets a miss."
// From "changes since 3.10" doc.

Recommended baseq2\ order:
* pak0.pak - id Quake 2 base.
* pak1.pak - id Quake 2 point release.
* pak2 - 8.pak - (Future addons)
* pak9.pak - GurkoZ Productions Quake 2 Enhancement.

(If you encounter multiple filenames, rename one pak file.) When you place this pak in your baseq2\ directory, quake2 can access it in all "games" you run. Like CTF or other modifications.

Also, place our clan skin in the Players\ dir...
And i'll see you on the server ;o)


  • The size of the sounds may cause you some memory problems. But i don't think so,.. unless your playing with 16MB RAM.
    If you encounter memory problems, strip out the world sounds.
  • Armor pickup sounds crap when switched to 11kHz sound quality.
  • In this release i've converted some of the sounds to 8bit 22kHz resolution. This because of the size of some of the sounds. I don't think this will generate any problems.


  • It's the best thing I have ever heard and seen!
  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • WOW!, just what Quake 2 needed!
  • I was totally blown away!, Everything was great!!
  • Tanks for the sound patch!
  • The sound are both original, and well designed... excellent work!

Feel free to email me about ideas, pros and cons.


Beta and Quality Assurance testers: The COTS Team.

Future Updates

This is a fairly old production, so i intend to update it with new beefed up sounds.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

DISCLAIMER: GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of hearing, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with this enhancement. GurkoZ Productions Quake 2 Enhancement is 100% safe and tested, so you should have no trouble with it. But if you do, don't blame me.GurkoZ Productions Quake 2 Enhancement is freeware and can be distributed freely as long as the zip and it's content is not modified. You are NOT authorized to put this product on any CD without the prior authority of GurkoZ Productions.

I am not responsible for any damage this modification might do to your hardware or software, if you play Quake you ought to be tough enough to pick up the pieces yourself and to take full responsibility for your actions. I am doing this just for kicks and to honor a great game like Quake. so please don't bitch too much. It's not like I am making $$$ out of this!

Quake 2 and the Quake 2 Logotype is a registrated trademarks of Id Software, Inc.

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