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Armed Forces
Armed Forces is a series of enhancements for a number of games all sharing the same concept of gunfighting and action. The basic attempt is to make the gaming experience more fun and action filled. If you are looking for the ultra realistic thing, you came to the wrong place.

All the Armed Forces enhancements try to add that movie feeling to the game that we all see day by day in common action movies. The guns sounds more, the explosions are bigger and the bloodstains cover more ground. Still, the enhancements will keep the initial gaming expreience, and not try to degrade it in any way. It's all about making a fun game even better.

Available Armed Forces Enhancements.

SWAT 3 Armed Forces

The SWAT 3 Armed Forces enhancement has been around for some time, and it's still used by committed SWAT 3 players. It was the first big mod to feature all what was requested by the community. Read More




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