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Web design

GurkoZ Productions can deliver a wide array of services and we are always expanding into new areas. Everything from simple pure HTML to complex database driven sites with online content management features.

Interfaces & Navigation

Does your web site need some refreshments?... I'll create you a new and eye catching navigation interface. all based on your requests of color, theme, and size. Sometimes all that needs is a slick and clean front interface of your company site to attract new visitors. In other cases, you might need some navigation interface to a CD multimedia product. What ever it might be, I'll put my effort into it.


With the use of your selected material, i'll create a standard banner for web site purpose. Animated or non animated, all in a range of acceptable file size.


With Macromedia's Flash, i'll create you a presentation or introduction that you require. Featuring both sound and slick animations.


Your company need a new logo?... i'll redesign your existing one, or just make one from scratch. If the basic things as company color or font for the text isn't't set, i'll accept that task too.

Photo editing

Scanning a picture might not be the hardest thing to accomplish.. but what about getting the gamma and the levels right? what this means in simple language is.. what you'll need to do to get a good quality picture, out of a bad one. The scanning result might not be what you had expected, or you haven't the chance to rescan the picture. I'll make all the necessary changes or fixes.

Other than this i also can enhance an photo.. if your own photo looks gray and dull, i'll give it a more lifelike look. Or is there something that annoy you in the picture?, or is something missing?... i'll edit the pictures based of you own material and requests.

( of course, i only accept serious picture editing requests. )

Skins & Textures

There are a number of different skins to create, might it be a WinAmp skin with your own theme, a player model skin for your own game based clan or a skin for some software. In all cases, i'll get you what you need.

CD Covers

Your in need of a custom CD Cover?... Based on the material you supply, i'll create and edit both fronts and back sides.


Based on the material you supply me with, i'll create you a desktop or backdrop. Other than this, i'll edit or compile just about anything related to background graphics.

Cost & Time

I base the cost of a creation on it's complexity and the amount of time you need to dedicate. It's very hard to set a price tag on services like this. It all depends on how demanding your request is. Therefore, the price is determined in a close agreement between Gurkoz Productions and the client.

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