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Rage Against The Machine

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GurkoZ Productions has been active since 1994 and we are still upholding the sense of a company that will fear nothing in exploring creative expressions. We deal in everything related to artistical and graphical natures that requires a bit of spark and new breath.

The target audience is preferred customers seeking a different and new approach in their products. Clients who presents interesting and challenging requests will be rewarded with an equally challenging end product. The biggest reward in a client requested job should never be the money, but the sheer facts that the experience of working should feel exciting and new. No project goes by without getting a special touch and feel to it.

GurkoZ Productions will always share and explore new and exciting ways of expressions in a modern era. The Driving force is the eager to produce different and unique work that expand the mind of both us and the audience. We will always put the same effort and strength into all the work we do, and this should be the real trademark of GurkoZ Productions.

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Site Closed
Due to recent lack of time and the fact that I needed to get a perspective on where I was going I have decided to close this site down. The initial plan to simultaneously manage four sites proved in t...

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